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Hi, I'm Davi Brancol

I have 8 years of experience in web development, app creation, business consultance and user experience, bring results to your business!


What can you expect from me?

An effective work developed for those who really matter, your clients! This summarizes how your experience working with me on your project will be, since different than other comum developers, my biggest focus is outside the lines of code, understading how your client is going to interact with your product.

After years of experience in different cultures, being consultant here in Brazil, Oriental Europe and United States, I obtained the knowledge needed to understand how engineering must solve the pains on your business.

What do I Offer

Evolving your product with business vision

App Development

With hibrid solutions of development for Android and iOS, your app will be delivered with perfection on the hands of your clients.

Technology Consultancy

Let's understand together each step of your business, how the technology is structure and how we can upgrade the process.

interface Architecture

Building a scalable and reusable application for front-end requires a well-defined architecture pattern. Let's build it together!

SEO Optimization

More than being well ranked on seraches, having a performatic website can convert up to 40% more sales. Your website will convert more.

Data Analysis

Having no data for understanding your client is the same as being blind on a battle. Let's structure your analytics and implement the tools.

Agile Methods

Is your develop team delivering with less frequency? Maybe your agile processes have problems which can be easily solved.

Work recognized by App Store


Projects awarded as Highlight App

Remarkable works

Some of the clients I had the opportunity to work with



Austria and Spain - 2 years

When I was hired by Gronda, I found a legacy project in React-Native that aimed to be one of the best apps on the App Store. Through a thorough analysis and development of a scalable architecture, I managed to implement the project in its entirety in less than 8 months, achieving considerable results in terms of performance, usability and experience. After 1 year and a half of the project, we were invited by Apple to write a short summary of the application, to promote the application as Highlight of the Day. Also while I was working at the client, we achieved a 250% growth in revenue over 2 years.



United States - 1 year

Upon arriving at Demand, I was proposed a task which for many seemed impossible. Build a hybrid app from scratch, in less than 6 months, and publish it on both the App Store and Google Play. Once the designs and prototypes already developed had been discussed, I was introduced to the project team. Composed of 4 engineers (2 front-ends and 2 back-ends), we were able to architect and execute the project in 5 months, achieving several positive reviews and also strategic business metrics for the company.



Brazil - 2 year

During one of the most difficult moments faced by our generation, I was invited to participate in a project with DASA, which aimed to help the Brazilian population have access to remote consultation aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Focusing on the development of all patient data management in the Web environment, as well as communication between more than 40 laboratories, hospitals and medical centers, I was able to help my country during this difficult time, bringing remote consultation as a reality for Brazilians in the private health network.


Projects done with success


Clients based overseas


Growth of consulted companies


Cups of coffee and energy drink

What do I Offer

Evolving your product with business vision


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Davi Brancol

I have 8 years of experience in web development, app creation, business consultance and user experience, bring results to your business!

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